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Shake Shack - 50ml Shortfill (0mg, 3mg, 6mg)

Holidays ending? You're not ready to start work? Well we can make your holidays much longer with the new range of 50ml shortfill vape liquids called Shake Shack!

Shake Shack 50ml shortfill vape liquids allow you to travel through different valleys of flavour, filled with bright colours and sweet vape juice. This vape juice tastes almost like sweet nectar, the beautiful taste will flood your senses and you can be transported to many different places.

Aruba, This 50ml shortfill vape liquid, will let you walk into a land with clear water, soft sand and pink flamingos, and a 'Very Berry Lemonade' by your side, a refreshing drink on a hot summer day

Or maybe Everest, this daring vape liquid with its mesmerising snowy peaks, the kingdom of ice, with 'Berry Fruit Menthol Chill' so you can feel the cool snow in your hand.

What about a hint of Capri, a 50 ml shortfill with beautiful nature and bright colours everywhere, it seems like a dream with 'Lemon and Lime Fruit Fusion'.

And beautiful Hawaii, a vape liquid that shows you astounding landscapes and sea life, you could be right there and your ticket is 'Tropical Fruit Fusion'.

But instead of some fruits you might like some sugar so...

How about New York, a vape liquid that brings you to busy bustling streets but in that moment you can allow some sweetness, a 'Strawberry Cheesecake' to brighten up your day.

Or Havana, this 50ml shortfill is the sweet, sweet paradise of the 'Creamy Biscuit Tobacco Blend' in the colourful and magical streets of Havana.

Each of these beautiful flavours come in a shiny, equally beautiful package, and you can add either one nicotine shot to your 50ml shortfill vape liquid (3mg) or two nicotine shots (6mg) or you might not want to add anything (0mg) and keep the taste fresh and pure.

In the end, whichever you choose (whether it be one of the four mouth watering fruit flavours or one of the two sugary delights), This 50ml shortfill vape liquid will surely brighten up your day.


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