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Wick Liquor e-liquids (0mg, 3mg, 6mg) - 80%VG, 50ml ,150ml Shortfills

Wick Liquor e-liquids (0mg, 3mg) - 80%VG, 50ml e-juice Shortfills

Straight from British Staffordshire, Wick Liquor has brought together a range of 4 e-juices focused on unique flavours of spirits and liquors at a very reasonable price. Vape People are proud to be among the first companies to add their 50ml and 150ml Short Fill range to our collection in the same MAX VG formula that's become so popular for its smoothness!


Made in UK | 80% VG | Size: 50 ml in a 60ml bottle, 150 ml in a 200ml bottle (Shortfill)