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SOLT nic salt vape eliquids are in stock now!

20mg nicotine strength SOLT vape eliquids are a range of 50% PG / 50% VG developed by the infamous Cheap Thrills Co and they are available to buy in the UK. This 50/50 line of hard throat-hitting vape eliquids is designed for smokers looking to stop or what we call "dual users" - people who vape in addition to smoking - whether to reduce the consumption of traditional cigarettes or to get an extra nicotine hit.

Because of their 50%PG formula, SOLT vape eliquids are good for discrete vaping, i.e. situation when you need the nicotine, but don't want to bother people around you or trigger any hotel fire alarm sensors by releasing massive vaping clouds. Solt vape eliquids produce small clouds, so combine them with a low-powered all in one device such as Aspire Breeze Vape Kit and you will leave no trace of vaping at all!

So what makes nicotine salt based vape eliquids different from regular vape juices? Well, it's the blazing speed, at which nicotine reaches the receptors in your brain and suppresses the craving. While ordinary vape eliquids are already a much more efficient nicotine delivering substance that alternatives (nicotine patches, nicotine chewing gums etc.), nic salts reduce this time from 2-3 minutes to a matter of seconds, so you feel the effect after inhaling the vaport almost instantly - not unlike smoking tobacco!

Combine that with the maximum legal strength of SOLT vape eliquids, which is 20mg per ml, and you will really only need a few drags every 2-3 hours, which will cut down your spendings on tobacco as much as 20 times!

Solt vape eliquids come in 6 flavours:

- Berry

- Blackjack (Liquorice, Aniseed, Dark Berries)

- Mango 

- Menthol

- Tobacco

- Vanilla

As you can see, there's plenty of choice, so in addition to spending less and not bothering your surrounding peers, you can actually enjoy the flavourful experience of quitting, smoking less or just plain vaping!

SOLT vape eliquids can be bought from Vape People UK in bulk batches of 5 x 10ml or 10 x 10ml, thereby reducing your price down to 20% under the RRP.

Finally, we are happy to announce that we also added PlusSolt+ - a 20mg nic salt booster shot to add to your favourite vape eliquid for faster and stronger nicotine delivery!

All orders placed before 4:30pm will be shipped the same working day, and free UK mainland shipping is available on all sales of vape eliquids over £20.


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