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Jack Rabbit Vapes are in in 50ml shortfill Big Block bottles!

Since the birth of vaping industry in the UK, as vapers, we have always been on the lookout for manufacturers who don't just experiment with the size of clouds and the composition of flavor notes, but have a bigger picture in mind.  It's attention to user experience and constant improvement is is what differs a soon-to-dissappear boys from serious producers of vape liquids.

Shortfills are great for several reasons. First, they allow vapers to pay less for the same liquids that are bottles in TPD-compliant 10ml bottles. You heard me right - packaging is actually much more expensive that e-liquids themselves! Second, you can just carry one container for longer rather than going through a bunch of smaller bottles. It's not uncommon for vapers to consume 50ml of vape liquid over a couple of days. Finally, they are generally easier to squeeze, which is an important factor to consider - after all, vaping is not a strongman competition.

But with all the benefits of shortfills over TPD bottles, they come with one considerable downside - the process of adding the nicotine shot. You have to pry open the nozzle either with a screwdriver, knife or something similar, followed by pouring the nic shot inside followed by forcing the nozzle back in. At any of these stages there's a risk of damaging the nozzle or the bottle neck, and, as a result end up with spillages, mess and a spoiled day.

And this is what makes Jack Rabbit Vapes different! Their 50ml shortfill come with a flat-capped Big Block bottle and separate nozzle and twist-on cap. This means that you skip the most risky part of adding the nic shot, i.e. prying the nozzle open. Simply open the flat cap, pour the nic shot inside and put everything together. It's so simple - it's genius!

Of course, care and attention to your experience doesn't just end at the technical part, Jack Rabbit vape liquid flavours themselves are heavenly. 

- Banoffee Pie is a complex marriage of gentle Cheesecake, Butterscotch, Banana, Toffee, Caramel, Biscuit flavors that dance in your mouth, releasing all kinds of associated images in mind.

- Raspberry White Cookie is a savvy hand-crafted mix of  Cookie, Vanilla, Raspberry, White Chocolate scents to wake up your tastebuds.

- Succulent Strawberry is actually just that - pure sweet Strawberry flavour. Surprisingly enough, it's a rare find - most producers combine strawberry with other impressions such as cream or custard. So if you're a strawberry lover, this is the flavour for you!

Jack Rabbit e-liquids come in 70% VG formula and are compatible with any sub-ohm vape mod, vape kit and vape pen. You can also vape Jack Rabbit withough

And of course, after you go for this true gentleman's choice, we will ship your Jack Rabbit vape e-liquids same day and upgrade it to free UK mainland shipping for all orders over £20!

So buy now while the stock lasts and get these juices on your desk, as they are subject to limited availability!

P.S. Do remember to give it a good shake and let the liquid steep for a couple of hours for best experience!

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