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4 Re-branded flavours by Pukka Juice are in stock along with classic vape juices!

Have you been wondering why it's not so easy to buy certain Pukka Juice Vape liquids in the UK any more? Well, here's why and how to buy them after all.

Since being added to our stock last year, Pukka Juice 50ml shortfill vape liquids have been among UK best-sellers for a good reason - very solid flavours with really top-of-the-line quality ingredients.

In an effort to make their products more user friendly and increase brand recognition, Pukka Juice's team re-designed some of the names of the e-liquids in the range to make them reflect flavour profiles in a simpler, clearer way.

- Pukka High became Pukka Dew with Mountain Dew, Citrus, Lime and Lemonade being its main flavours.

- Pukka Lush is now Pukka Lime Lemonade, its main flavours are, as you can guess, Lime and Lemonade.

- Pukka Boo will be know as Pukka Mango from now on - and it is the purest juiciest Mango you can find.

- Finally, Pukka Punch has been renamed to Pukka Tropical and is a blend of Passion Fruit, Peach, Kiwi and Watermelon scents.

We will still keep product listings of Pukka Juice under their old names while stock lasts for your convenience and will remove them as they sell out, only leaving e-liquids under their new, re-branded names.

This addition makes current variety a total of 14 Pukka Juice e-liquids, and the unmatched best seller is still Pukka Blaze - a Blend of Blueberry, Raspberry and Mint clouds.

Pukka Juice vape juices come in a 70% VG mix and can be vaped on any sub-ohm vape mod or vape kit.

So buy now, and all orders place before 4:30pm will be shipped same day from our Vape People London warehouse, and orders over £20 qualify for free mainland UK shipping.

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