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Is Vaping Actually Better Than Smoking?

The effects of vaping is an issue that has been discussed for many years. Is vaping really better than smoking? Is vaping more or less addicting? And is it really that safe? These questions have churned in the minds of many vapers and smokers for a long time.

Smoking can put you in serious danger; the one best thing you can do for yourself is to quit. Smoking is part of self-destruction, the more you smoke the weaker you become, and there is a great chance of getting cancer and getting cardiovascular diseases such as stroke or heart disease. Cornary heart disease becomes a major problem when fatty material called atheroma builds up in your arteries.

When your arteries become to narrow, there isn’t enough oxygen to flow to your heart, which results in pains in your chest, also known as angina. If a piece of this fatty material (atheroma) breaks of it forms a blood clot, which are quite dangerous because they can block arteries. For example, a stroke is when a blood clot blocks the artery which carries blood to your brain, and a heart attack is when the blood clot blocks the artery that carries the supply of oxygen-rich blood to your heart.

Another problem with smoking is your blood pressure, it becomes very high and your heart beats faster because of the excessive amount of nicotine that causes adrenaline, and because the carbon monoxide reduces the oxygen in your blood, meaning your heart will have to pump harder to get enough oxygen around your body. Smoking can also cause your blood to fill up with the toxins from the tar.

It will take about 15 years after you stopped smoking for the risk to be returned to that of a person who has never smoked.

Your lungs will suffer quite badly as well. At the start, the side effects are coughing, wheezing, asthma and colds. Smoking causes 82% of lung cancer, and 83% of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). You also have a higher chance of getting diseases like pneumonia or emphysema.

Your skin will age from 10-20 years because of the lack of oxygen it gets, and it will look grey and dull. Smoking means you're three times  more likely to get wrinkles- especially around your mouth and eyes, and you will have quite hollow cheeks, giving you a dead, ghostly complexion. Your breath will smell as bad as the smoke and your teeth will become stained, smoking can also cause gum diseases and infections and damage your sense of taste. 93% of oropharyngeal is caused by smoking.

Smoking can also damage and cause bones to go brittle and weak. Women who smoke need to especially look out for this.

When smoking, you can easily affect people around you without knowing. Passive smoking is the most serious risk of all. Passive smoking increases the risk of a non-smoker getting lung cancer and is very dangerous to children. Second hand smoke causes around 165,000 new cases of diseases among children in the UK. Second hand smoke is even more dangerous in a car because of the small enclosed space. 85 percent of tobbaco is invisible and you can harm someone like this quite easily without knowing, even if you open windows it doesn’t fully go away. Since 2015 it has been an offence to smoke in a car if anyone under 18 is in it in England and in Wales.

One in two smokers will die from a smoke related disease, and tobacco was responsible for millions of deaths in the 20th century.

In the end, when you quit you will feel much healthier, happier and you can spend your money things that are actually worth it. The average cost of vaping per year is about £303, whereas the cost of smoking per year is about £3442. At least do it to save money.

So take a first step, and start vaping

Yes, it is true that vape liquids do contain nicotine, but they don’t contain other harmful substances and toxins that tobacco does, such as tar and carbon monoxide. Not only does smoking harm you, but also the things around you. There has been lots of cases of forest fires that were started by cigarettes. On the other side, yes there has been a number of e-liquid batteries exploding, but there has been many health and safety advances and the risk of that is very small.

Yes, it is true that vape liquids contain dangerous chemicals but there is much less of them and the risk is much smaller. Many experiments showed that people who use e-cigarettes were more likely to quit and more likely to be healthy again. Success rates for vape liquids that are used alongside the Stop Smoking Services are very high.E-cigarettes don’t produce the two most harmful products in cigarette smoke, tar and carbon monoxide. E-cigarettes are still new and not much research has been done on them,

In the world of vaping there are millions of different flavours to try, different brands, different colours and tastes, say goodbye to the awful smell of smoke and say hello to multiples of different scents that are not only enjoyable but allow your breath to smell good.

Here at Vape People we sell vape liquids from all over the world, each one is checked for quality before we have them in stock. To preserve our e-liquids and extend their shelf life, we preserve them safely and carefully in plastic containers. Our main precaution is our customers health and safety and their experience with us. Our team is NCSCT certified and we are happy to provide professional smoke cessation advice to all members of public, and we will make sure that all vape liquids we sell have minimum health risk.

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