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Jammin 50ml Shortfills are in stock now!

The first time we saw Jammin 50 ml shortfills was at a UK vape expo, and the samples of 4 flavours were laid out on a straw in a wooden backset covered with a cotton napkin. It's always impressive when an e-liquid manufacturer pays attention to these little details - you could hardly tell the difference between an e-juice and actual 4 jars of jam - the sample pack's packaging was that good.

As for Jammin flavours themselves - they are really sweet in a good sense of the word - not overwheling with sugar, but at the same time take the best of classic British Jams and carry you away to the land of green pastures, and humming bees under a hot yet gentle sun.

The names of Jammin flavours speak for themselves - Blueberry Jam, Blueberry Jam Tart, Strawberry Jam and Strawberry Sherbet give the vaper a pretty good idea of what to expect from the vape eliquid, and 60ml bottles are filled with 50ml of delicious juice and some spare space to add a nic shot to make 3mg/ml nicotine strength - just remember to shake for good 2 minutes and leave the bottle standing open for a couple of hours in order to steep properly and provide the best vaping experience!

Jammin vape juices come in 70% VG formula and can be used on nearly all vaporizers and vape kits.

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