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Cheap Thrills Vape Liquids 50ml Shortfill (0mg, 3mg, 6mg)

Vape People UK are happy to present you with Cheap Thrills Juice Co's 50ml vape liquid shortfills that you can buy today. One of the leading manufacturers in the UK and are lab certified, their products are always of outstanding quality. After months of research and development, they have discovered the key to the most blissful flavour on the market.

Each of these mind-blowing shortfills can be purchased with one nicotine shot (3mg), two nicotine shots (6mg), or if you want to keep the flavour pure, you can buy it without a nicotine shot (0mg).

With exotic colours and flavour, it is nearly impossible to resist these delicious vape liquids and we guarantee that these vape liquids will put you in a good and energetic mood with their bright neon colours that glow against the dark black background. If one of these bottles be opened, a wave of strong yet pleasant scent of fruit will fill up your senses, teasing your tastebuds , and not even a hint of anything slightly artificial can be detected.

We offer three fantastic lip smacking flavours from this mouth-watering collection, Sunset Strip vape liquid, Rush Rush Yayo vape liquid or Glory Glaze vape liquid to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. To buy one of these fruity flavours is an opportunity like no other, we promise it will be a pleasant and unforgettable experience.

Every order that is placed before 4:30 p.m. will be shipped same day to you as well, so hurry and order your own vape liquid from this golden trio!


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