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Wonutz 100ml shortfill vape liquids by CVS Labs are now in Stock!

Vape People UK team is happy to present 100 ml Shor Fill Wonuts vape liquids made by the creators of Cheap Thrills Co. 5 dessert flavours revolve around Vanilla Custard, Depp Fired Donuts with our without fillings, Cappuccino - a perfect way to finish your lunch! This is the first 100ml vape oil short fill range by SVC Labs and it comes in a 70% HIGH VG universal mix, that fits almost any vaping mod or kit - from a basic vape pen to unregulated mech mod. Add 1 or 2 optional nic shots to make 1.5mg or 3mg nicotine strength e-liquid or don't add any and enjoy it just for the fantastic flavour.

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These e-liquids are approved and safe to use in the following diets: vegan, vegetarian, keto, low-carb, zero-carb, paleo, raw food.

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