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Vaper’s ethics: 4 simple ways to avoid social rejection.

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How to vape without disturbing others

Respect others

Let’s face it - not everyone likes vapour clouds or smells. For this reason, many restaurants, organizations and businesses prohibit or limit use of vape gear on their premises. At the same time, many do not, and currently there are no restrictions on vaping in public places such as parks, bus stops, etc. So if anyone expresses their discontent you have every right to reply that it’s 100% legal. But why project that negative image if making a couple of steps aside can end the conflict even before it begins? Some empathy never hurt anyone! In other words – treat others the same way you would like them to treat you.


Do not be ashamed

At the same time, under no condition should a vaper feel guilty about his habit. Studies show that around 5% of those who ever tried to vape do no continue to do so, because they think they look silly with a mod. Whereas this may be true, there are over 2.5 million regular users of e-cigarettes in UK alone! Remember – you are not doing anything wrong and there’s a legion of people all over the world enjoying their lifestyle without any second thought!


Educate people

One of the most common misconceptions is that e-cigarettes and e-liquids are actually more harmful than traditional smoking. Naturally, people associate vapers themselves with something dangerous. Well, simply referring them to the infamous NHS study stating that vaping is in fact 95% safer. Not only that, but, according to NHS, decrease of smoking is a direct consequence of increase of vaping! So when someone tells you that use of e-cigarettes changes your DNA, just answer “google e-cigs NHS report and see for yourself”.


Bust myths

Have you heard about exploding e-cigarettes? Of course, you have. And yes, they can explode just like any other electrical device. However, there is only a handful of documented cases of exploding mods, the rest is unconfirmed mass media buzz, usually being a part of and preceding some new legislative restrictions. Moreover, the UK being a Member State of EU, must follow recently introduced articles of TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) that require all producers or importers of electronic cigarettes and electronic liquids to prove of their product’s safety and to register them with MHRA. So just buy gear from a reputable manufacturer such as SMOK or Joyetech and you’ll be safe!


But most importantly, do not forget that vaping is about freedom and happiness, so spread that joy!

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