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Vampire Vape Shortz 50ml vape liquid shortfills are in stock!

Vampire Vape Shortz 50ml vape liquid short fills come from a renowned producer of such masterpieces as Heisenberg and Pinkman vape juices.  Vampire Vape Shortz range features 4 slushie-themed e-liquids, including Blue (Rapberry, Blueberry), Green, Red (Strawberry, Raspberry) and Yellow (Tropical Fruits) Cool Slushies. 

Anyone surviving a heat wave of 2018 can kick back and relax vaping Vampire Vape Shortz chilling vape juices and remember about cooler days at a sea beach with mild breeze running through their hair!

Vampire Vape Shortz eLiquids come in a universal 70% VG formula and can be vaped on nearly any sub-ohm vape mod or vape kit.

Vampire Vape Shortz 50ml short fills come in unique 75ml bottles with 50ml of vape liquid in it, so add one or two nic booster shots to bring Shortz' nicotine from zero to 3mg or 6mg respectively. Or don't add any nic shots and smoke it up as is - nicotine free just for the great sensation!

Free UK mainland delivery is available on all sales of vape products when purchasing from

These e-liquids are approved and safe to use in the following diets: vegan, vegetarian, keto, low-carb, zero-carb, paleo, raw food.



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