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TPD-compliant 10ml 75% VG Far e-liquids by Element are in stock!

A new entire range of e-liquids added to our stock! Today, are bringing new TPD-compliant Far e-liquids by Element! 75% VG of pure fruity goodness in easy-to-squeeze 10ml bottles and 8 flavours to choose from!

Candy Punch e-liquid by Far  - Candy

Grape Vape e-liquid by Far - Grape

Marshmallow Breeze e-liquid by Far -Marshmallow, Mint

Melon Ball e-liquid by Far - Melon

Neon Green Slushie e-liquid by Far - Lime, Citrus

Neon Red Slushie e-liquid by FarRaspberry, Strawberry, Mixed Berries

Pineapple Bliss e-liquid by Far - Pineapple, Mango, Mixed Berries

Strawberry Cupcake e-liquid by FarStrawberry, Cake, Vanilla

Happy vaping!


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