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New amazing data on vaping versus smoking!

Cancer Research UK released new information on pros of vaping as opposed to smoking!

Ok, so we all know that smoking is bad. Of course, there is high, there is the social aspect, the adrenaline kick, but as a former smoker with 19 years of experience sucking on those bad boys, I can strongly speak for myself saying "no'. Yes, for 19 years I could not quit smoking, and now it's been over half a year, I vape and I feel just great compared to when I was a smoker. No morning coughing, no shortness of breath, my quality of sleep improved dramatically, I wake up easily and in a good mood. So what makes vaping so much better than smoking? Well, here is what the new data shows.

No cancer agents

While e-liquids in electronic cigarettes may contain nicotine (if the consumer chooses so), it they do not contain cancer causing tobacco. Also, there is no burning process during production of vapour, so there are no light-weight particles that would clog one's lungs if they were smoking. Nicotine on its own is addictive, but it does not cause cancer.

No harm from passive vaping

At least there is no evidence that any harm can be done to a person being in the same room with a vaper and passively inhaling vapour. Of course, we, vapers still should be respectful of their peers and other people and see that vaping does not cause discomfort to others.

E-cigarettes are much cheaper than traditional ones

An average smoker would spend (or waste if you wish) circa £400 per quarter on cigarettes, whereas a vaper will spend less than half of that - £190 per 3 months. In addition, there is undeniable growing evidence that e-cigarettes help people quit smoking for good and significantly extend their life time and improve the quality of life itself.

So there you go, brothers and sisters, if you haven't done so already, switch to vaping from smoking this is coming straight from UK's leading Cancer Research charity! Oh, and take advantage of our STOPTOBER's free first class shipping until the end of the month!




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