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Lemonade Ice vape liquid by Fantasi - 55ml Short Fill


Buy Lemonade Ice eliquid by Fantasi - (0mg with optional nic shot) - 70%VG, 55ml Shortfill


Lemonade Ice e-liquid 55ml nic shot edition by Fantasi is a delicious cold lemonade flavoured soda, inspired by a famous fizzy soft drink!


Flavour card:             Lemonade, Soda, Ice

VG/PG: 70/30

Size: 55ml in a 65ml bottle

This product is supplied in a 65ml bottle with 55ml of zero nicotine e-liquid and a separate optional 10ml 18mg/ml Nicotine Shot. To make 3mg/ml Fantasi, add Nic Shot to the Fantasi bottle and then shake thouroughly. Nic Shot must not be vaped separately without Fantasi as the Nic Shot liquid is a pure unflavoured concentrate.


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